What Can Hypnotherapy Be Used For?

What Can Hypnotherapy Be Used For?

Hypnosis can be use to cure or manage everything from a smoking addiction to the pain of childbirth to regression.  Hypnosis can even be used to control pain during surgery or medical procedures instead of drugs, it’s that powerful.


Hypnosis can also be used to manage psychological conditions like depression, and can provide relief from anxiety and phobias. Hypnosis can cure childhood traumas and help you change the unhealthy behaviour patterns that you might have learned a child in order to survive in less than ideal circumstances.  Hypnosis can be the key to moving ahead with your life and living a healthy, productive life on your own terms.

What Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Weight Loss Hypnosis Hypnotherapy is particularly effective with weight loss, obesity and other eating disorders. Clients find weight loss hypnotherapy can provide extra motivation and techniques taught during the hypnosis session will help you make the changes you want quickly and easily without the hunger pangs associated with dieting alone.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Hypnosis is well known for helping people to stop smoking. It is probably one of the most effective ways to help people stop smoking. Smoking cessation hypnotherapy is a powerful intervention for people who really want to break this habit.

Overcome Unwanted Habits Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways to treat nail biting, sucking thumbs and other unwanted habits.

Stress Management Techniques Hypnotherapy teaches you to learn how to relax deeply, how to get rid of tension and how to control your emotions.

Build Confidence and Overcome Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at helping people develop their confidence and overcome fears. Most phobias can be helped in just a few hypnotherapy sessions – people may have held onto their phobias for years and been held back in their lives as a result. Through hypnosis sessions a new deep confidence can be developed.

Insomnia and Sleep Better Many people suffer from insomnia or broken sleep. Hypnosis can help you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Hypnotherapy sessions or my hypnosis downloads can be an incredibly effective way to help you get to to sleep and get a good nights rest.