Hypnosis for Confidence

Hypnosis for Self Confidence

Using Hypnotherapy To Increase Your Confidence

When someone inquires about hypnosis for self confidence, what is it they actually want? How deeply have they thought about it, generally, not very. You see confidence is really just feeling that you can achieve a given task and that it won’t go wrong in some way or just being certain about something.

It’s usually this definition of self confidence that we are talking about;

“A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”

confidence hypnosis watchHaving the strengths to cope with life’s challenges can be difficult, self-confidence can vary and be observed in a variety of magnitudes. A lack of self confidence can have a tremendous impact on your enjoyment of life and indeed success. It can be immensely frustrating when you feel out of control of how you want to experience a situation, wanting to talk confidently feeling calm and relaxed. Feeling like you can make the right decisions without doubting your ability to do so.

People who are confident and self-assured tend to be those who are naturally sociable, who achieve success in their chosen profession or career and who take full advantage of all opportunities that come their way in life.  They seem to be happier and more relaxed, and are often easier to be with than those who lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Have you ever noticed how people seem to be drawn to those with self confidence? They seem to act like a magnet to others, sometimes before they have even spoken, they give off an air of authority and have a spark about them that shines through by the way they stand or hold themselves.

Hypnosis for self confidence will help you  experience an inner confidence and express an outward confidence in public. By using hypnosis for self confidence you can feel just as important as people with higher self-esteem and get more from your life, it will help you greatly both   personally and at work. Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety and negative thought patterns and behaviours and can create positive attitudes.

Self-esteem is a need that we all share, a feeling of being capable to meet the challenges of life and of feeling deserving within ourselves, that natural feeling of delight in just being. If self-esteem is the essential value we place upon ourselves – then confidence is that feeling translated into action as this self-esteem affects our lives.

confidence hypnosis watchMaybe by using hypnosis techniques you will learn to be self-accepting and feel gratitude for your life, for when you develop the ability to accept yourself it is easier to move forward without holding yourself back. Perhaps you will be guided to change that ‘negative self talk’ that labels yourself as ‘having no confidence’ and replace it with a positive constructive way of thinking. It could be that you will work on setting goals, and developing an attitude of self responsibility which can profoundly impact upon feelings of self-esteem. These and many other approaches are commonly used by hypnotherapists to improve an individuals feelings of worthiness. Every person is unique and their needs are not all the same but hypnotherapy can be a useful and successful approach to improve the experience of self-esteem and confidence. We all have a friend or work colleague who is permanently down in the dumps, every thing you say to them they can turn into a negative, they look unhappy and are generally more hunched in their posture. These people seem so tiring to be around. Now think of someone you know who is optimistic and sees the bright side to everything. They seem to radiate a friendly glow and a warmth, their eyes light up when they speak, they are interesting and far more attractive. Notice how open they seem in their posture, they talk with a confidence as if they know what they are saying is worthwhile and worth listening to. And you do listen more intently and you are more interested in what they have to say, the way they hold themselves more upright demands more respect and they just generally feel better to be around.

Hypnosis for self confidence can help those with low self-confidence and low self-esteem

Self-confidence is a psychological quality related to (but distinct from) self-esteem.

Having high levels of self-confidence can have huge benefits for all areas of anconfidence hypnosis watch individual’s life (including relationships, career, social life and state of mind) and many people who lack self-confidence aspire to be more confident. Self-confidence refers to having faith in your own abilities, and is usually considered to be made up of a variety of factors.

The good news is that self-confidence is a skill that can be developed and learnt using hypnosis.  The first step is to acknowledge your current level of self-confidence and your cause of low self-esteem, and then find ways to build upon this until confidence becomes a deeply ingrained quality. Hypnosis can help you with this in a relatively short space of time.

Do you have low self-confidence?

Those who have high levels of self-confidence are often more positive about theirconfidence hypnosis watch abilities, whereas those who lack the quality generally have negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities. This is usually why those with low self-confidence seek to develop their confidence level.


If you suffer from low self-confidence you will often feel:

  • Shy and uneasy
  • Uncomfortable in certain situations
  • Uncertain of yourself
  • Uncertain of your needs (and even the needs of others)
  • Sense of worthlessness
  • Negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities.

Self-esteem is commonly defined as how an individual “estimates” themselves. Those who find it hard to answer ‘yes’ to questions such as ‘do I like myself’ or ‘do I deserve to be happy’ are often suffering from a lack of self-esteem. Most people do experience low self-esteem at some point in their life, if they lose their job for example.

Low self-esteem

A common assumption is that self-esteem and self-confidence are the same things. However, although they are related, they are not the same. Self-confident people may also suffer from low self-esteem, and this can be seen by the vast number of actors, celebrities and public figures who appear to be overflowing with self-confidence, yet totally lack self-esteem. Unfortunately low self-esteem is extremely common in today’s society and individuals can often struggle to find their sense of worth in the world.

Signs of low self-esteem

  • Feeling hopeless or depressed
  • Feeling bored with life
  • Having no motivation
  • Thinking there’s nothing to look forward to
  • Thinking negatively about yourself
  • Feeling tired a lot of the time
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Wishing your life was better

Help for low self-esteem using Hypnosis

confidence hypnosis watchTaking care of your physical health, reducing stress levels and exercising can all help towards building self-esteem. Hypnosis will help to concentrate your mind to being in better physical health, it will definitely help you to relax and reduce your stress levels, it will give you that ‘me’ time that will allow you to analyse yourself and make those positive changes. Of course every person is unique and your reason for low self esteem may not yet be apparent but an ego strengthening and self confidence relaxation, meditation type hypnosis session will help you overcome any fears and negative feelings you have. For most people a general guided imagery hypnosis session such as Hypno Relax will help to improve your life for the better, often after just one play. For others this initial use of hypnosis and meditation technique may give you the confidence to explore your feelings further by completing an online consultation form and we will create a tailor made session just for you.

confidence hypnosis watchRecognize your strengths and weaknesses. Many people are too aware of their weaknesses, but ignore their strengths and good qualities. For this reason, it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about all the positive qualities that you take for granted. Hypnosis will help you concentrate on what is good in your life

Set goals. Although it’s important to practice self-acceptance, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim to improve some things about yourself or your life. Sometimes it’s helpful to set goals for things that you’d like to achieve, or to change things that you aren’t happy with.

Be objective about situations. When you personalize an event or situation, you take confidence hypnosis watchresponsibility for things that aren’t your fault, without taking all factors into account. Instead of personalizing things by saying I failed because I’m dumb, be objective and say I failed because I didn’t study or I failed because I don’t like French class.

Avoid comparisons. There will always be people who seem to be doing better than you are, and if you compare yourself to them, you’ll end up always feeling unsatisfied with yourself. The reality is that people have different strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths, and most importantly, avoid comparing yourself to others.

It’s time to change your life for the better using hypnosis for self confidence.

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