Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?


Can Everyone be Hypnotised?


One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Hypnosis is whether or not can everyone be hypnotised or can anyone be hypnotised? Some people are adamant that they can’t be hypnotised and are convinced that hypnosis will never work for them.  So what’s the real answer? Is it impossible for some people to be hypnotised the way that they claim? The answer is yes, and no. Everyone can be hypnotised, theoretically, sohypnosis-hypnotherapy watch there’s no physical reason why everyone can’t be put into a hypnotic state. But there may be psychological reasons that someone is resistant to being hypnotised which might make it very difficult for that person to relax enough to enter a true hypnotic state.   Usually people who are certain that they can’t be hypnotised have a deep seated need for control and think that if they allow themselves to be hypnotised they will be giving up control so they will never allow themselves to relax enough to get to the hypnotic state. Oddly enough the higher someones IQ the better hypnotic subject they are.


You never give up control of your mind or body during hypnosis and you’re never unconscious.  Your conscious mind is just very deeply relaxed and letting the subconscious mind come to the forefront.  So people that are very sure that can’t be hypnotised really can be hypnotized but not until they let go of their belief that being hypnotised means giving up control of themselves to someone else. To ask the question 'Can anyone be hypnotised? is a tough question to answer, as a qualified hypnotherapist I have yet to have a client not enter hypnosis but the surroundings and the fact they have come to see me helps greatly. I would suggest that around 20% of people are highly suggestable hypnotic subjects,these are the the people you see on television and at stage shows that will do almost anything. Finding these people is not as difficult as you would imagine. Many examples are given in the mini course above, and there are some brilliant tricks in there one of which is used by Derren Brown, so don't buy this if you don't want to know how some of his illusions are performed. Another reason can everyone be hypnotisedthat people have trouble entering a hypnotic state is the particular therapist that they are working with. In order to be able to relax in the very deep way that is necessary in order to become hypnotised it’s critical that the person being hypnotised trust the therapist implicitly.  If there is any discomfort or mistrust on the part of the person that is being hypnotised he or she will not be able to relax enough to get into the hypnotic state and the treatment won’t work. So when it comes to hypnosis medical experts and psychotherapists along with alternative health practitioners agree that everyone can be hypnotised, but not everyone wants to be. Wanting to be hypnotised and being open to the hypnotic process is very important. It’s also important that the person who is going to be hypnotised feels comfortable with the person doing the hypnotising. So if you go to a psychologist or an alternative health practitioner to get help to stop smoking but you are uncomfortable with that therapist in any way then it won’t work. That therapist won’t be able to hypnotise you.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised? Can Everyone Be Hypnotised?

Because of that finding the right hypnotherapist for you, someone that you feel totally can anyone be hypnotisedcomfortable with, is extremely important. Later on we’ll look at how you will know which hypnotherapist is right for you and what you should ask a hypnotherapist before you start treatment with that person to make sure that the therapist is well trained, experienced, legitimate, and the right one for you.

Can You Be Hypnotised?

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